Lafayette Architectural Services

At Scott Sullivan Architect we know how complicated and frustrating zoning & planning regulations and building codes can be. Our years of experience have put know-how behind us and have earned respect from the communities where we work. When it comes to your project, we'll handle every step of the way to make sure everything is as simple as possible for you. From the initial concept to building plans we'll work with you to efficiently and expertly design and draft realistic, sound, and aesthetically pleasing plans to fit your needs. And we'll work to ensure that you know exactly what to expect before construction begins.

Below are but a few of the many architectural services that Scott Sullivan Architect can offer to those building, adding to, or remodeling homes in the East Bay (Lafayette, Orinda, and Piedmont) or the Wine Country (the Napa Valley and Sonoma).

New House Design & Drafting

If you are planning a new residence, we will work with you to bring to life a new house that reflects your tastes, lifestyle and budget. Be your ideal a Georgian estate, a Craftsman cottage, or a light filled steel and glass pavilion, we'll help you bring your vision to reality. There is no reason to settle for almost or second best when, with our professional help, you can realize your dream precisely as you imagine.

Home Addition Design & Drafting

Should your plans call for an addition (or several additions) to your existing residence, we at Scott Sullivan Architect will work with you to bring about plans that result in a seamless and unified whole. Our objective is to blur and even erase the line between old and new … between what was and what is or will be.

Home Remodel / Renovation Design & Drafting

When you desire to update your current residence with a new look, let us help you put the past behind and bring to your home a freshness and functionality that reflects your current needs and lifestyle. We'll work to make the most of your existing space while giving your house the new look, curb appeal, and technological updates you seek.

Master Planning & Project Phasing

If for budgetary or other reasons you want to phase your project over time, we at Scott Sullivan Architect will help you develop a master plan that ensures addressing your priorities cost effectively and over time achieves the end result desired.

Whether you are building a new house or adding to or remodeling your existing one, don't hesitate to
e-mail or call Scott Sullivan Architect to arrange a consultation to understand how we can help bring your residential aspirations to reality.

No project is too big or too small, so give Scott Sullivan Architect a call today for more information!